One of my favorite (I use that term lightly) historical events involving the Mongols was when they sieged Baghdad. They flung flaming palm trees, rotting cows and dead soldiers over the walls for days. After they breached the walls, they rode in and slaughtered everyone they could. They then dumped libraries upon libraries of great works into the nearby river, dying the water black and setting their culture back hundreds of years.

They then left for a couple weeks. They returned, and slaughtered the survivors as they tried to rebuild and bury their dead. They piled the corpses for miles around the city, leaving hills of bones to warn any who go near of the wrath of the Mongols.


The Mongols’ conquest, even by their own standards, was brutal. After the capital Samarkand fell, the capital was moved to Bukhara by the remaining men, while Genghis Khan ordered two of his generals and their forces to completely destroy the remnants of the Khwarezmid Empire, including not only royal buildings, but entire towns, populations, and even vast swaths of farmland. According to legend, Genghis Khan even went so far as to divert a river through the Khwarezmid emperor’s birthplace, erasing it from the map.

In Mongolia alone as many as 200,000 of the country’s 2 million people could be Khan descendants. In addition to most of the Mongol nobility up to the 20th century, the Mughal emperor Babur’s mother was a descendant.Timur (also known as Tamerlane), the 14th century military leader, claimed descent from Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan was one of the most powerful warlords during his reign; as a result, the harem that he kept was of enormous size. The four sons of Khan who ruled their own separate kingdoms kept large harems as well.



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The ocean always freaks me out
Imagine this:
You’re treading water on the surface of the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific, the deepest part of the worlds oceans. There’s a storm raging, and the waters are violent. It is the middle of the night, and everything is pitch dark. The water is frigid cold and wave upon wave hits you. You glimpse the faint light from the moon slightly illuminate the turbulent waters as you struggle to stay afloat. Gasping for air, you glance around desperately looking for anything that could help you. Your heart sinks as you realize there is nothing but ocean for thousands of miles. Then, a giant wave slams you under the surface, plunging you deep into the water. As you sink into the dark abyss, the thought of 7 miles of water beneath you horrifies you. You have no idea of what terrors lurk under you in the darkness. You struggle to push yourself back to the surface, but your arms and legs have given up. This is you.
Anyone would be scared shitless of this.


Poveglia Island, just off the coast of Italy.

used by the ancient Romans as a place to quarantine people afflicted by various plagues. When they died, they were buried in mass graves on the island.

used as a huge quarantine center during the Black Plague. More mass burials. By the end of it, so many people had died that the soil was reportedly 50% human ash (though this was using medieval estimates and was obviously unscientific, so who knows).

An asylum was built in the center of the island in the early 1900s. Patients reported seeing paranormal activity but nobody took them seriously. A surgeon working in the facility slowly started going insane and began to hear whispers even when nobody was around.
He was frequently accused of brutally mistreating his patients, and was murdered under unexplained circumstances after about a year on the island. The clinic was closed shortly thereafter.

Currently, Poveglia is closed by order of the Italian government. People may not visit the island under pain of imprisonment and heavy fines. The official reason is that it’s structurally unsafe, but fishermen refuse to even go near it because human bones from the burial pits are always caught on their fishing nets.